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功能 网页版 移动网页版 安卓版 iOS Windows应用
课业里“报告问题”的按钮* X
宝石小店 X
句子讨论** X
Duolingo Plus    ✔[1] ? X
Clubs X X X
General/language discussion X X X
Offline use X X X
Outfits X X X
Timed practice X X X
Tips and notes X X X
Vector images in exercises with images X X ?
Health&Gems[2] X X A/B X
Words list X X X X
Explanations X X A/B X X
Android Wear support[3][4] X
Type of Exercises†† Web Mobile Web Android iOS Windows app
Match picture to word
Translate from target language
Translate to target language
Type what you hear
Read out loud in target language X
Translate out loud into target language X
Arrange words' order to form a sentence X X
Character Challenge‡‡      ✔[5] X X
Tap the pairs X X X
Other Duo entities/apps Web Mobile Web Android iOS Windows app
tinycards.duolingo.com / Flashcards app X
incubator.duolingo.com X X X
gear.duolingo.com ? ? ?
making.duolingo.com ? ? ?
schools.duolingo.com ? ? ?
testcenter.duolingo.com ? ? ?
contest.duolingo.com ? ? ? ? ?

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