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Zari is one of the Duolingo main characters who can be found in lessons, stories and other events. She is a teenage girl that wears a coral pink head scarf/hijab, a blue shirt, a long coral pink colored pants, dark gray shoes and a grin as a default expression instead of a smile.

Character and Lore[]

(Bits of information about Zari's character and lore are scrambled across dozens of Stories, videos and Social media posts. If you know something that doesn't appear here, contribute and document here!) Zari's diary is pink, with her name on it, as seen in "The Diary".

  • Zari's favorite color is pink, as seen in "I say thank you."
  • She loves cats, as stated in "I say thank you"
  • She loves challenges, as seen in "My Horse Is Stupid". reading, as seen in "1482 may 29".
  • She is terrified of parrots and has psittacusphobia, as seen in "Pirate World".
  • She has arachnophobia, as seen in "Nature Hike"
  • Her favorite animals are baby animals, as seen in her profile.
  • Her favorite books are The History of Unicorns and Teenage Vampires in Love volumes 1 & 2. It was said that she didn't return the books and always wants to keep borrowing things, causing Lily's library card to be suspended (because Zari lost her card), as seen in "Late Fees."
  • When Zari is younger, as seen in Duolingo ABC, she wears a light blue hoodie covering most of her hair, the rest of her older appearance is the same.
  • It's confirmed that Zari lives with her unnamed parents and brother as seen in "Thanks, Mom."
  • Zari's love for lollipops has been known to extend to her younger years. In Duolingo ABC, the story "The Giganto-Pop" shows her trying to eat an entire giant lollipop that's even bigger than her own size. It is entirely possible that she still has this lollipop, as shown in Duolingo's path system.

From other media:[]


The stories' names may change depending on your language.

  • The Red Jacket
  • The New Student
  • Do You Need Anything?
  • Lily's Clothes
  • The English Test
  • Thanks?
  • Can You Take My Photo?
  • The Diary
  • What's Your Name?
  • Not for Kids
  • Too Dangerous
  • The Art Project
  • The Love Letter
  • Zari's Favorite Band
  • Recycling is Important
  • Thanks, Mom
  • The Blood Lake
  • I'm Going to Rome
  • The Letter
  • Airport Vacation
  • Zari Learns to Drive
  • The Best Grade
  • Is He Calling Me?
  • The Boy Who I Love
  • I Love Your Haircut
  • I Love Pirates
  • Leave the House
  • Dancing is Easy
  • Lily's Painting
  • The Baby Photo
  • Let's Move the Bed
  • Space Vikings
  • Where is the Dog?
  • The Audition
  • A Scary Movie
  • The Drummer
  • I Like Your Tie
  • This Isn't A Date
  • Cheri's Party
  • The Lost Costume
  • On The News
  • The Secret Place
  • The Surprise Party
  • Is She Mad at Me?
  • My Horse Hates Me
  • Remove This Statue
  • Pirate World
  • Your Card is Suspended
  • A Walk in the Woods
  • Princess Zari
  • Ghost Hunters
  • Ramiro's Space Adventures
  • On The Dance Floor
  • Zari is Very Sad
  • Request to Reunite The Band
  • Lily the Interpreter
  • Anything for Lily
  • Show Your Talent
  • This Week at School
  • Zari vs. Lily
  • The Art of Persuasion
  • The Art Camp
  • Zari the Matchmaker
  • Positive Thinking

Stories (ABC)

  • Fresh Lemonade!
  • Playing Pretend
  • Eddy's First Catch
  • Summertime Snowman
  • The Giganto-Pop
  • Yoga Class Gas

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