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Zari as she appears in her character bio on twitter.[1]

Zari (Arabic:زری/Zare, Persian and Urdu: زرین/Zarin/Zareen) is one of the Duolingo characters who can be found in app. She is sweet, joyful, and energetic. Zari is best friends with Lily, despite their contrasting personalities.

"On the other hand, Zari – an absolute ray of sunshine – is always up to something! ☀️
Never afraid of what people think, Zari loves pineapple on pizza and spending time memorizing formulas for calculus!
―Zari's official character bio[1]


The stories' names may change depending on your language.

  • The New Student
  • I Say Thank You / Thanks?
  • The Diary
  • What's Your Name?
  • Not For Kids / It's Not for Kids
  • Art Homework
  • The Love Letter
  • Zari's Favorite Band / My Favorite Band
  • Recycling Is Important
  • Too Dangerous
  • Zari Learns How to Drive
  • The Baby Photo
  • Let's Move the Bed
  • Space Vikings
  • Where Is The Dog?
  • The Audition
  • A Scary Movie
  • The Drummer
  • Clara's Party
  • The Lost Costume
  • On The News
  • Is She Mad at Me?
  • Pirate world


  • Zari's New Year's Resolution for 2021 was to save eating ice cream till after dinner.[2]
    • Zari's other favorite food includes hamburgers, coffee, and pineapple pizza.
  • Zari attends the same school as Lily. Oscar is their art teacher.[3]
  • Zari is an uncommon name, but it might be short for the Persian name Zarin/Zareen/Zarina which can mean golden. [4]
  • In addition to her name being Persian, her name also means "flower" in Arabic.[5] [6]
  • Zari was confirmed to be Muslim when Duolingo used her to celebrate Muslim Women's Day.[7]
  • Zari likes the Korean musical band BTS, this is confirmed by one of the motivational messages (android notifications) the app sends in her name, which reads "I like your [number] day streak better than the latest BTS album, and that's saying a lot! Keep it up!" .[8]