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XP (short for "Experience Points") are rewarded for completing certain activities on Duolingo. There are various ways to earn XP such as completing lessons and practicing[1]

Gaining XP[]

The following activities result in gaining XP as of 12 March 2022:

  • Successfully completing a lesson will reward 10 XP.
    • Achieving several correct answers in a row during a lesson can lead to getting up to 5 additional XP as a Combo Bonus.
  • Completing a practice using the practice button will award 10 XP and no combo bonus unless it's on android or X.
  • Successfully testing out of a Crown level will award 20 XP in mobile regardless of the skill's Crown level. No combo bonus is applied here.
  • Successfully testing out of a checkpoint will award 50 XP regardless of how many skills you level up. No combo bonus is applied.
  • Successfully completing a story will award you 14-28 XP depending on the set number of the story.
  • Successfully completing a training will award you 20 XP. No combo bonus is applied.

In mobile and X, if you did the level test-out, you will have an XP multiplier for the next 25 minutes you use Duolingo.

Finding the total number of XP[]

Your number of XPs and those of your friends can be seen in the friends ranking section.

Finding the XP of a given course[]

As of July 4 2017 it seems there is no easy way to see the XP of a given course in Duolingo. Duome shows the XP of the current course.

Language level[]

In addition to providing a way to track your daily activity and compete with your friends, XP also determine your language "level". This "level" is a measure of how much work you have put into the language. It is not a measure of your "level of mastery" in the language, which was measured by the now discontinued fluency badge.

The level can be seen on the web site.

  • In "Your profile" page, in a box with a scroll bar.
  • In Reset or remove languages. You can cancel this page after seeing all your languages at once.
  • Above your comments in discussions.

Each level requires reaching a certain amount of XP. The maximum level is 25. The XP requirements for each level are shown in the table to the right.

In May 2019, language levels stopped appearing on the main page when hovering the language flag.[2]

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