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Medicine is the hundred-tenth (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Welsh. It has three lessons and teaches words that might be useful in a medical setting such as "surgery" or "ambulance".

Grammar Notes[]

Remember that ar is used for describing when you have general illnesses (the flu, etc.) and gyda is used for describing a specific symptom (I have hip pain, a sore throat, etc.)

Also remember that at is used for going to see a person (for example, your doctor).


Lesson 1[]

  • ysbyty = hospital
  • meddygfa = clinic
  • ambiwlans = ambulance
  • gwasanaeth iechyd gwladol = National Health Service
  • canolfan iechyd = health centre

Lesson 2[]

  • croen = skin
  • calon = heart
  • prawf = test
  • profion = tests
  • gwaed = blood

Lesson 3[]

  • llawdriniaeth = operation, surgery
  • claf = patient
  • clust = ear (f.)
  • cleifion = patients
  • aren = kidney
  • afu = liver


Duolingo Lesson: www.duolingo.com/skill/cy/Medicine