Future: Gwneud is the sixty-eighth skill in the Welsh language tree. The skill has four lessons, and it teaches how to use the future tense of the verb gwneud in Welsh.

Grammar NotesEdit

As seen in Favours, the verb gwneud can be used as an auxiliary for the future tense in Welsh. However, the four main "irregular" verbs in Welsh have their own future tense conjugation as well. In this skill, we tackle gwneud, which is the same conjugation as the one in Favours:

English Welsh Statement Welsh Question Welsh Negative
I will make/do Gwna(f) i Wna(f) i? Wna(f) i ddim
You will make/do (inf. sing.) Gwnei di Wnei di? Wnei di ddim
You will make/do (formal and/or plural) Gwnewch chi Wnewch chi? Wnewch chi ddim
He will make/do Gwnaiff e/Gwneith o Wnaiff e/Wneith o? Wnaiff e/Wneith o ddim
She will make/do Gwnaiff/Gwneith hi Wnaiff/Wneith hi? Wnaiff/Wneith hi ddim
We will make/do Gwnawn ni Wnawn ni? Wnawn ni ddim
They will make/do Gwnân nhw Wnân nhw Wnân nhw ddim


Lesson 1Edit

  • yn fuan = soon
  • llungopïau = photocopies
  • papuro = to wallpaper

Lesson 2Edit

  • pont = bridge
  • dros dro = temporary
  • tro = turn

Lesson 3Edit

  • model = model
  • camlas = canal

Lesson 4Edit

No new words.


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