Condition 1 is the seventy-fifth (assuming read left to right) skill in the Welsh language tree. It has three lessons and takes what you learned in Give Advice and uses it to form the conditional of bod to say "I would..."

Grammar NotesEdit

The conjugation of bod in the conditional tense is as follows:

English Welsh Statement Welsh Question Welsh Negative
I would Baswn i Faswn i? Faswn i ddim
You would Basech chi Fasech chi? Fasech chi ddim
You would Baset ti Faset ti? Faset ti ddim
He/She would Basai fe/fo/hi Fasai fe/fo/hi? Fasai fe/fo/hi ddim
We would Basen ni Fasen ni? Fasen ni ddim
They would Basen nhw Fasen nhw? Fasen nhw ddim


Lesson 1Edit

  • swydd = job
  • swyddi = jobs
  • baswn i = I would
  • baset ti = you would
  • derbyn = to accept
  • ynlle = instead of
  • basech chi = you would

Lesson 2Edit

  • basai fe/fo/hi = he/she would
  • basen nhw = they would
  • basen ni = we would
  • protest = protest
  • bodlon = to be willing to
  • basai'n well gyda... = ...would prefer

Lesson 3Edit

  • oherwydd = because
  • gyflymach = faster
  • na = than


Duolingo Lesson:

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