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Celebrate is the hundred-eighteenth and final skill of the Welsh language tree. It has two lessons in total and the lessons teach words relation to holidays and reasons to celebrate...which is what you will be doing after completing this skill and thereby the Welsh course on Duolingo!

Cultural Notes[]

A noson lawen is a common social gathering in Wales. It is essentially a small party with music and dancing that is commonly held in a community hall. It is similar to the cèilidhean and cèilithe of Ireland or Scotland or the traditional veillée in Brittany in France. It used to be a common way for young people to meet each other in rural parts of Britain, but now places such as nightclubs and bars have replaced them.[1]


Lesson 1[]

  • dymunwn ni = we (will) wish
  • pasg = Easter
  • Nadolig Llawen = Merry Christmas
  • anrheg = present
  • anrhegion = presents
  • Noson lawen = Noson Lawen
  • Siôn Corn = Father Christmas, Santa Claus
  • dydd Nadolig = Christmas Day
  • penblwydd = birthday

Lesson 2[]

  • ymddeoliad = retirement
  • penblwydd priodas = wedding anniversary
  • arholiadau = exams
  • llongyfarchiadau = congratulations


Duolingo Lesson: www.duolingo.com/skill/cy/Celebrate