With is the twenty-third (assuming read left to right) skill in the Turkish language tree. It has two lessons and teaches the last Turkish case, the instrumental.

Grammar NotesEdit

Note: There's a lot of debate in the Turkish linguistic community about whether or not this is actually a proper case, but we digress.

To use this case, add the ending -(y)lA, with the (y) being added if the last letter is a vowel:

  • adam -> adamla
  • kedi -> kediyle

If you want to say something comes "without sugar" or "with cheese", there's a different way to say that: instead add -lI for "with" or -sIz for "without".


Lesson 1Edit

  • aram = between (Type 1)
  • beraber = together
  • benimle = with me
  • seninle = with you
  • bizimle = with us
  • ile = with
  • onunla = with him/her/it

Lesson 2Edit

  • -sIz = without
  • -lI = with


Duolingo Lesson:

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