While & When is the fifty-second skill (assuming read left to right) in the Turkish language tree. It has a total of two lessons and teaches another tense in Turkish for talking about actions done at the same time as other actions in the past (the later "When" skill talks about the present version).

Grammar NotesEdit

This tense is traditionally referred to as the iken tense, but the tense itself no long uses this word. Instead, the ending is -(y)ken, with the extra "y" used if the stem word ends in a vowel.

When used with verbs, the tense means "while I was doing..." The aorist tense is used for the verb stem.

When used with nouns or adjectives, it means "when I was..." Be careful! This does not apply to "when I do this..." or other present-tense usages of "when."


Lesson 1Edit

  • dolaşmak = to walk around
  • oluşturmak = to create

Lesson 2Edit

No new words.


Duolingo Lesson:

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