Questions is the twelfth skill in the language tree for Turkish. It has two lessons and teaches how to make questions in Turkish, as well as a variety of question words.

Grammar NotesEdit

Turkish question words are different than English ones in that they are placed in a sentence where the answer would be if it was a statement. For example, if you wanted to know what someone is reading, then the statement would be "I am reading (whatever)", so "what" would be where the "whatever" is. Of course, Turkish is an SOV language so the word order is different, but the idea still stands:

  • Sen ne okursun? = What do you read? (literally "you what read")
  • Ben gazeteyi okurum = I read the newspaper. (literally "I the newspaper read")


Lesson 1Edit

  • nasıl = how
  • neden = why
  • kimin = whose (of whom)
  • ne = what
  • nerede = where
  • kim = who

Lesson 2Edit

  • soru = question
  • cevabım = answer
  • hangi(si) = which
  • ne kadar = how much
  • kaç tane = how many


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