Negation is the twenty-ninth (assuming read left to right) skill in the Turkish language tree. It has a total of two lessons and teaches how to say that you are "not" doing something.

Grammar NotesEdit

To negate a verb in Turkish, add the particle -mA- between the stem and the tense info. If the tense information starts with a vowel (such as -Iyor for the continuous) the -A- is removed and replaced by that vowel:

  • seviyorum "I love" -> sevmiyorum "I do not love"
  • yiyorum "I am eating" -> yemiyorum "I am not eating"

The two exceptions are "to be" and "to have", which have the separate negative forms değil and yok respectively.


The only new word in this skill is henüz, which means "yet".


Duolingo Lesson:

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