Must is the fifty-fifth skill (assuming read left to right) in the Turkish language tree. It has only one lesson and teaches the verb tense which covers the concepts of "must/have to" and "should" in Turkish. It also contains a few new verbs to increase your vocabulary.

Grammar NotesEdit

The tense for "must" uses either one of the two following methods; the suffix method and the zorunda method. Note they have slightly different meanings, so it is important to know both.

Verb SuffixEdit

The verb suffix used is -mAlI, followed by -mA in the negative. This would be followed by the proper personal ending. This one refers closer to "must", with the negative being "must not". Therefore, it's a little stronger than zorunda.


This word can also be used to describe the concept. It is treated like any other adjective, including being negated by değil. This one is closer to have to and eh negative is do not have to.


  • bırakmak = to quit
  • zorunda = have to
  • devam etmek = continue
  • götürmek = to take
  • katılmak = to join


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