Gerunds is the forty-sixth skill (assuming read left to right) in the language tree for Turkish. It has three lessons and teaches another kind of infinitive and when it is used.

Grammar NotesEdit

There is another type of infinitive commonly used in Turkish. Previous lessons taught the -mAk infinitive, but more commonly used is the -mA- infinitive. This one is commonly used with lazım or as an noun-verb (called a gerund). It also has a genitive subject and a possessive suffix that matches it immediately after the -mA- which differentiates it from the universal -mAk infinitive.


Lesson 1Edit

  • lazım = necessary, to need
  • eğlenmek = to have fun
  • ders çalışmak = to study

Lesson 2Edit

  • dans etmek = to dance
  • dans = dance

Lesson 3Edit

  • oturma odası = living room
  • önce = before
  • rağmen = despite
  • dinlemek = to listen
  • dinlenmek = rest
  • uyanmak = to wake up


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