Dative is the twentieth (assuming read left to right) skill in the Turkish language tree, which has two lessons on the dative case in relation to going somewhere.

Grammar NotesEdit

Dative CaseEdit

The dative case is used when describing going "to" somewhere or doing something with/to someone. The ending is -(y)A, with the y added if the ending of the word is a vowel.

  • park -> parka
  • bar -> bara
  • ofis -> ofise


These words are often confused for one another, so clarification is needed:

  • Bu only refers to "here", so it cannot be used for "there";
  • Şu refers to a there that is usually within sight, so for example "he went over there" would probably use şu; and
  • Or refers to a "there" that is outside of sight and/or really far away, so for example "he went to Germany. He actually went there." would likely use or.


Lesson 1Edit

  • buraya = here
  • şuraya = there
  • oraya = there

Lesson 2Edit

  • doğru = towards


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