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This page is for troubleshooting the Coach feature on the Duolingo website.

Feature announcements[]

Bchan's (staff) introduction of the feature Coach Feature (beta)

Bchan's (staff) announcement Coach to be released to everyone (graduated from beta)

FrankySka's (community) introduction of the feature Coach now on the website, too

Feature basics[]

  • The goal you set must be reached each day to keep your streak going. 
  • Points earned from any language course you're taking will go towards meeting your goal.(Aka it is a global goal.) 
  • Minimum goal is 1XP, same as the old streak. You will need to go and set this manually though!
  • If you have a countdown clock attached to your Coach, it takes the place of your account time zone. You will need to meet your Coach goal before time runs out on the countdown clock in order to preserve your streak.


If you have reached your goal and your streak is not updating:

  • Refresh the page. (has worked) 
  • Log out then log back in. (has worked) 
  • Clear your browser cache, log back in and earn a point. (has worked)
  • Use a different browser to gain points. (worth a shot)
  • Sign into the app and earn a point there. (has worked) 

If you have changed your goal but it is not updating:

  • Log out and log back in.

Originally posted as the discussion [Tips Troubleshooting the Coach feature].