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Science is the fiftieth skill in the language tree for the Swahili language on Duolingo. It has four lessons that teach basic greetings in Swahili.

No commentary is provided for this skill on Duolingo.

This skill covers basic scientific terminology in Swahili, including some elements, neutron/proton/electron, forces, mass/weight etc.


Note many of these terms are loanwords from English, and others from Arabic, and relatively few are words of Bantu origin. In English loanwords, an i or u (depending on the last consonant) is very often prefixed onto the word if it doesn't fit into Swahili phonotactics.

Scientific Method/General[]

kipimo - test

jaribio - experiment

uchanganuzi - analysis (changa - new/young, mchanga - youth/youngster(n) )\

maonesho - fair (as in scientific fair)

nadharia - theory

nadharia tete - hypotheses

teknolojia - technology


To form terms for some professionals (mtaalam), the prefix mwana- can be used. For example

mwanahisabati - Mathematician

mwanasayansi - Scientist

mwanabiolojia - biologist



sayari - Planet

darubini - Telescope


Mazingira - Environment (ma class, no singular)

pima - check/examine (v)


protoni -proton

nutroni - neutron

elektroni - electron

haidrojeni - hydrogen

naitrojeni - nitrogen

oksijeni - oxygen

kaboni - carbon

elementi - element

atomu - atom

molekuli - molecule

nyukliasi - nucleus

gesi - gas

hewa - air

asidi - acid

kemikali - chemical

bomu - bomb


tungamo - mass/weight

mvutano - tension/gravity (eg. mvutano kati ya sayari)

uwiano - ratio (uwiano wa x:y -> ratio of x to y)

uzito - weight

fomyula - formula (eg. fomyula ya kisayansi - scientific formula, fomyula ya kihisabati - mathematical formula)

Some extra stuff not covered in the skill but relevant to the topic[]

Jedwali ya Elementi (Periodic Table)



Periodic Table