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A user's streak is a measure of how consistently they use Duolingo.[1] A streak starts at zero and increases by one for each day the user completes a lesson. It resets to zero if the user does not complete a lesson unless a streak freeze is bought in advance.[2]

Extending a streak[]

To extend your streak for a given day, you must complete a lesson before midnight (12:00).[3] Using the website or app without completing a lesson does not extend your streak.

Note that the coach requires a minimum amount of XP before continuing the streak.

Important note: The time zone Duolingo judges your streak by is initially set to the time zone you were in when you created your account. There is no way to change this time zone using the website,[4] so if you only use the website and you move to a different time zone your "streak midnight" might not match your local midnight. Doing activity on one of the mobile apps, however, will automatically update your streak time zone to your device's current one.[5]

If you are using a Duolingo app in offline mode, you need to go online before the midnight deadline to ensure your activity counts for that day.[6]

Note that some timezones are processed incorrectly. To check your timezone, open your profile's page, look into source code (ctrl+U in Firefox) and search for "timezone" and "timezone_offset". Then, find your timezone at list of timezones and check if offset there matches your "timezone_offset". If it does not, some parts of your day may be attributed to a day before or after.

For example, "timezone": "Europe/Moscow" goes with "timezone_offset": "+0400". Searching here for Moscow we'll see that it's actually UTC+3. Thus, we should expect Duolingo to start a new day at 11pm, not at midnight.

Once you've extended your streak for the current day by meeting your XP goal, the streak icon (a flame) in the upper right of the screen will display a check mark. If there is no check mark then either you have not extended your streak yet for that day or you need to reload the page (by pressing F5) to update the graphic.

Streak rewards[]

Lingots for streak.png
  • Each time your streak reaches a multiple of ten, you are rewarded with a number of lingots equal to that multiple.[7] For example, reaching a 160 day streak results in a reward of 16 lingots. Note that as of April 2015 this reward is an experimental feature and so not all users will receive it.
  • You can purchase a "Double or Nothing" wager in the shop which will reward you with five net lingots (or 50 gems) for maintaining your streak for seven days.[7]
  • Reaching certain milestones (such as 100 day streak) can earn the user 3 days of free Duolingo Plus.




  • The Streak icon was redrawn during 2019.
  • The price of Streak freeze was increased in iOS.