Verbs:Past Perfect is the forty-first skill (assuming read left to right) in the Spanish language tree. It has five lessons and teaches the past perfect tense, which explains what we did before the present perfect. There is also a couple of new verbs in this skill.

Grammar NotesEdit

The past perfect is nearly identical to the present perfect except that haber is put into the imperfect tense. As this is a tense that has not been seen yet, its forms will have to be memorized for now:

English Spanish English Spanish
I had había We had habíamos
You had habías You had habíais
He/She had había They had habían

Note: The yo and él/ella forms are identical, and context is needed to tell them apart sometimes.


Lesson 1Edit

No new words.

Lesson 2Edit

  • conseguido = received
  • encontrado = found
  • descubierto = discovered
  • formado = founded

Lesson 3Edit

  • dirigido = led
  • muerto = died
  • decidido = decided

Lesson 4Edit

  • partido = left

Lesson 5Edit

No new words.


Duolingo Lesson:

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