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Farm is the 60th skill in the Spanish language course. It contains six levels.


Preterite Conjugations[]

This skill is a continuation of the Memories skill. It teaches the regular preterite (simple past tense) conjugations for the subjects él/la/usted and ellos/ellas/ustedes.

-ar verbs

(preterite conjugation)

ellos/ellas/ustedes -aron
-er and -ir verbs

(preterite conjugation)

él/ella/usted -ió
ellos/ellas/ustedes -ieron

Preterite Forms of estar and ir[]

This also continues from the Memories skill as the irregular conjugations for estar and ir are taught.

estar conjugations


él/ella/usted estuvo
ellos/ellas/ustedes estuvieron
ir conjugations


él/ella/usted fue
ellos/ellas/ustedes fueron


This skill also teaches the plural form of nouns and adjectives ending in z, as the ending becomes -ces, as in felices or peces.

Lastly, this skill teaches the names of farm animals:

  • gato (m): cat
  • perro (m): dog
  • vaca (f): cow
  • pájaro (m): bird
  • pez (m): fish
  • búho (m): owl
  • caballo (m): horse
  • cerdo (m): pig