Phrases or Common Phrases is the second (assuming you go left to right) skill in the Spanish language tree. It consists of three lessons teaching some of the basic Spanish phrases.

Grammar NotesEdit

Tardes and NochesEdit

In English, "afternoon" comes before "evening," which in turn comes before "night." In Spanish there are only two words that cover these times of the day. The word tarde means "afternoon," but overlaps with "evening," Similarly, the word noche, which means "night", also overlaps with "evening." Therefore, at 6:30pm it is ok to say either buenas tardes or buenas noches.


Lesson 1Edit

  • hola = hello
  • adiós = goodbye
  • Buenos días = Good morning
  • Buenas noches = Good night
  • gracias = thank you
  • Mucho gusto = with pleasure

Lesson 2Edit

  • = yes
  • no = no, not
  • por favor = please
  • de nada = you're welcome
  • lo siento = I'm sorry
  • perdón = pardon/excuse me

Lesson 3Edit

  • hablo = I talk
  • hablas = you talk
  • español = Spanish
  • inglés = English
  • disculpe = I'm sorry


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