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Spanish is a Romance language with over 400 million native speakers.[1] The Spanish for English course was one of the initial courses released in Duolingo, along with French and German.

The Spanish for English course contains 268 skills, and there are Duolingo Stories for it.

Keyboard layouts and input methods[]

Main article: Guide to keyboard layouts and input methods

Grammar tips[]

See Spanish/Grammar tips


  • In the USA, Spanish is one of the most popular languages with over 60,000,000 people (47 million are native and 13 million are bilingual speakers).
  • There are more Spanish speakers in USA than Spain. By 2060, the United States will be the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.
  • Other key facts about the Spanish Language

External resources[]

General/multiple resources[]

  • How to Learn Spanish - A blog and web reference for learning Spanish online for free.
  • News in Slow Spanish - News, grammar, cultural notes (not free).
  • 123 Teach Me - Free Spanish lessons online, includes a sentence maker (to see a word in context) and a conjugator.
  • SpanishDict.com - Videos, vocabulary practice, and an extensive grammar section.


  • RAE - Spanish-Spanish dictionary online.
  • DRAE - RAE Spanish dictionary app for Android.
  • SpanishDict - Spanish dictionary with example sentences and conjugations.


Grammar references[]


Content in Spanish[]

  • iOS and Android. - Live radio, playlists, in Spanish.
  • Spanish podcast for intermediate students - free, has interactive transcripts and vocab lists
  • La Agenda - a newsletter in Spanish from Quartz
  • Latinísima - a spanish latin music playlist on Spotify. Music from many places in Latin America as well as from Spain. Spotify is a music streaming app and website.
  • Cuentos para dormir - Bedtime stories.
  • Destinos - A movie designed to learn Spanish. Broken into 52 half-hour videos.
  • Fábulas para Niños - Free short fables in Spanish.
  • EDYD - Free audiobooks in Spanish.
  • Leyendas cortas para Niños - Free short legends for childrens in Spanish.
  • Extr@ en Español - "The Sam Stories" a 13 show series designed for the intermediate level Spanish speaker.
  • Learn Argentinian Spanish - Podcast spoken in the Argentine style of Spanish.
  • Mitele - Has original shows from Spain.
  • Peliculas Yonkis - Films streaming dubbed into Spanish.
  • Practical Spanish - Some simple to advanced stories for reading and listening with English translation.
  • RTVE - Spain's national radio, television, and news website. Streaming radio and podcasts (Radio 5 is all news and talk, kind of like NPR in the United States. Radio 3 has music and cultural programs, including live concerts and interviews). Many of the television shows don't stream to other countries, but some do.
  • Series Yonkis - TV shows streaming dubbed into Spanish.
  • Sublearning - Movie subtitle flash card quiz in Spanish and many other languages
  • Telemundo - American Spanish-language network, TV shows available for free.
  • VeinteMundos - free site, Spanish only (source languages English, German, French). MP3s available for all articles, sometimes includes video links with the article and has vocabulary games and some grammar lessons linked.
  • Vme TV - American Spanish-language network associated with PBS, with free online content.
  • http://www.tuanimado.com - Has TV shows, such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Malcolm in the Middle, dubbed in Spanish.
  • Zambombazo - Spanish blog featuring a lot of music, cinema, humor and arts related content all directed to early learners. There is also links to download samples of Latin music and music related exercises, all for free.