A Skip Level or Jump Level (previously called test-out) allows a user (if they know a certain skill already) to individually go up one level of that skill. Its format is similar to a lesson (having 17 to 20 sentences from the skill itself) except the user cannot peek at words for their definition, much like a placement test (a test on the whole tree). The user can also test out to a particular checkpoint if they know all of the skills before that checkpoint.Following the creation of the Crowns system in May 2018, this feature was removed, and it returned on April 2019 (or before).

Free skip levelEdit

To skip to level 1 is free. The skip level button is a little key that appears when you press the icon of a lesson that is currently in level 0, and therefore it's colored but its crown is in gray. In the apps the message is "Skip to Level 1!" and in the web it is "Jump to Level 1!".


In the apps to skip to a level higher than 1 must be equipped using lingots or gems. The price is 5 lingots in Android. Duolingo Plus allows the student to take unlimited tests. Skipping to a level higher than 1 is free on the web and on iOS.


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