A streak freeze is an item in the Lingot Store. It prevents the user from losing their streak when they fail to meet their daily goal.


  • The streak freeze can be bought at any time and will stay equipped until you miss a day. If you have bought a streak freeze, it will automatically activate at the end of the next missed day.
  • If you have a streak freeze equipped when you miss a day your count won't go to zero, but it won't increase.
  • You can only buy/equip one streak freeze at a time (except for the weekend amulet, see below).
  • Each streak freeze only preserves your streak for one missed day. After that you have to either buy another streak freeze or do XP-gaining activity on the site to continue your streak.
  • The streak freeze only works on your overall streak. Individual language streaks will still be reset if you miss a day of practice.[1]
  • The streak freeze is proactive, not retroactive. This means you must buy your streak freeze on or before the day you miss. You cannot buy it the next day. Once you lose your streak, it is gone (until you build it back up, of course).

Weekend AmuletEdit

The "Weekend Amulet" acts as a streak freeze for one or both days of a weekend. Random people have it available on Fridays in the Lingot Store.


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