Subjunctive & Conditional is the fifty-sixth (assuming read left to right) skill of the Russian language tree. It contains three lessons and teaches the subjunctive using the particle чтобы and the conditional using the particle бы.

Grammar NotesEdit


The subjunctive uses the particle чтобы to show that the action is desired or anticipated. As for the action itself, it will be in the infinitive if it about the same person as the subject ("I will cook the meal so that I am not hungry") or conjugated in the past tense if it is about different people ("He will cook the meal so that I won't have to."). These are usually in the perfective unless you are being to told to not do something (in which case use the imperfective).


Much the same as the subjunctive, except it is always in the past and the particle becomes бы.


Lesson 1Edit

  • чтобы = in order to
  • позавтракать = to have breakfast (perf.)
  • пообедать = to have lunch (perf.)
  • поесть = to have a bite (perf.)

Lesson 2Edit

  • попросить = to ask (perf.)
  • запомнить = to remember (perf.)

Lesson 3Edit

  • бы = if


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