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Something is the forty-ninth (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Russian. It teaches the words for "something", "someone", and the like. It has three lessons.

Grammar Notes[]

There are two ways of indicating "someone", for example; кто-нибудь and кто-то. The difference is that кто-нибудь is used if the situation is hypothetical and кто-то is used if the subject is known to exist but is not known. That is, if the subject could be, use the -нибудь variant; if the subject is known, but it is "something" still, then use the -то variant.


Lesson 1[]

  • который = which
  • кто-нибудь = someone
  • что-нибудь = something
  • грустно = sad

Lesson 2[]

  • отличаться (от) = to differ
  • обычный = usual
  • где-нибудь = somewhere
  • никто = no one
  • жаль/жалко = sorry, it's a pity

Lesson 3[]

  • какой-нибудь = some kind of
  • кто-то = someone
  • что-то = something
  • где-то = somewhere
  • точно = exactly
  • нигде = nowhere


Duolingo Lesson: www.duolingo.com/skill/ru/Something