Something is the forty-ninth (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Russian. It teaches the words for "something", "someone", and the like. It has three lessons.

Grammar NotesEdit

There are two ways of indicating "someone", for example; кто-нибудь and кто-то. The difference is that кто-нибудь is used if the situation is hypothetical and кто-то is used if the subject is known to exist but is not known. That is, if the subject could be, use the -нибудь variant; if the subject is known, but it is "something" still, then use the -то variant.


Lesson 1Edit

  • который = which
  • кто-нибудь = someone
  • что-нибудь = something
  • тo = that
  • грустно = sad

Lesson 2Edit

  • отличаться = to differ
  • обычный = usual
  • где-нибудь = somewhere
  • никто = no one
  • жаль = sorry

Lesson 3Edit

  • какой-нибудь = some
  • кто-то = someone
  • что-то = something
  • где-то = somewhere
  • точно = exactly
  • нигде = nowhere


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