Reflexive Verbs is the forty-third (assuming read left to right) skill in the Russian language tree. It contains five lessons that teach reflexive verbs, which are verbs where a subject is also an object, such as "to clean oneself".

Grammar NotesEdit

Reflexive VerbsEdit

Reflexive verbs will have -ся at the end of the infinitive. When conjugated, if the ending is a vowel, this changes to -сь.

In theory, reflexive verbs are used for things that require an object that is the same as a subject (a "reflexive pronoun"), but in practice many verbs in Russian use reflexives. These verbs tend to be ones that describe:

  • actions between two people;
  • imperfective verbs in the passive;
  • change in state or mood; or
  • the inclination to do a thing.

Many reflexive verbs, however, do not fit these categories, so you will have to memorize these separately.


Себя is the Russian word for "the self". If you are doing something to yourself or with yourself or about yourself or something like that, then use this word.

Other Idiomatic PhrasesEdit

Себя also has a few idiomatic phrases to learn as well:

  • сам по себе = on its own
  • само собой (разумеется) = it goes without saying
  • про себя = to oneself
  • с собой = along with oneself
  • не по себе = do not feel well


Lesson 1Edit

  • родиться = to be born
  • открываться = to be open
  • закрываться = to be closed
  • начинаться = to begin
  • становиться = to become
  • продаться = to be sold

Lesson 2Edit

  • бриться = to shave
  • мыться = to wash oneself
  • чувствовать себя = to feel
  • одеваться = to dress oneself
  • раздеваться = to undress

Lesson 3Edit

  • смеяться = to laugh
  • остаться = to stay
  • бояться = to be afraid
  • заботиться = to take care
  • беспокоиться = to worry
  • встречаться = to date

Lesson 4Edit

  • кататься на лыжах = to ski
  • кататься на коньках = to skate
  • возвращаться = to return
  • двигаться = to move

Lesson 5Edit

  • открыться = to open
  • закрыться = to close
  • встретиться = to meet
  • поцеловаться = to kiss
  • ссориться = to argue
  • меняться = to change
  • приближаться = to approach


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