Phrases 1 is the third (assuming read to left) skill in the language tree for Russian. The skill contains four lessons, and these teach basic phrases to the learners of Russian. It functions as a kind of phrase book, with many sentences being, "Hello," "That's everything," and "How are you?".

Grammar notesEdit


Привет! is an informal greeting, with a formal equivalent being Здравствуйте! On the phone, use Алло.

How are you?Edit

Как ты/вы? is literally asking how the person is doing (expect a very literal response!), while Как ты/вы дела? is asking about how their things are doing (again, they may actually answer how their things are doing whatever!).

Good morning, etc.Edit

Morning to a Russian person is up until noon, an afternoon after that until evening at about 6pm. Only use Спокойной ночи! if you plan on leaving soon and going to bed or are going to rest directly.


Lesson 1Edit

  • привет = hello
  • пока = goodbye
  • спасибо = thank you
  • пожалуйста = please, you're welcome
  • извините = excuse me
  • площадь = plaza, square

Lesson 2Edit

  • добрый день = good afternoon
  • добрый вечер = good evening
  • спокойной ночи = good night
  • уже = already

Lesson 3Edit

  • доброй утро = good morning
  • всё = everything, all
  • как вы/ты? = how are you?
  • как вы/ты дела? = how are you?
  • хорошо = okay, good

Lesson 4Edit

  • до свидания = goodbye
  • до скорого = see you soon
  • не надо = don't


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