An Introduction to Participles is the seventy-first (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Russian. The skill has four lessons and teaches the participle, a very important Russian grammar concept.

Grammar NotesEdit

A participle is a verb masquerading as an adjective, like a "talking" dog or a girl "drawing" a picture. In Russian, these are formed by adding an ending to the present or past form of an verb:

Active (doing) Passive (is done)
Present -ущ (-ющ), -ащ (-ящ) -ом (-ем), им
Past -ш, -вш -нн (-н), -енн (-ен), -т

Note: they can also be shortened like adjectives. Also, only perfective verbs are permitted for the past passive participle.


Lesson 1Edit

  • играющий = playing
  • пьющий = drinking
  • говорящий = talking
  • пишущий = looking for
  • читающий = reading

Lesson 2Edit

  • написавший = wrote
  • севший = seated
  • заплативший = paid
  • вышедший = left
  • рисующий = drawing
  • живущий = living

Lesson 3Edit

  • написанный = written
  • предложные = sentence
  • приготовленный = cooked
  • сделанный = done

Lesson 4Edit

  • написан = has been written
  • сделан = has been made/done
  • построен = has been built
  • забыт = has been forgotten


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