Measure is the sixty-seventh (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Russian and has three lessons. It teaches measurements like kilograms and metres, as well as how to describe movement over a certain area.

Grammar NotesEdit

2 Metres WideEdit

When describe an object as being a certain length, width, etc. use the instrumental case.


This prefix can be used to describe movement over a certain area or the duration of something. This can be combined with many verbs, of which a few are learned in this unit.


Lesson 1Edit

  • километр = kilometre
  • метр = metre
  • длина = length
  • ширина = width
  • глубина = depth
  • около = about

Lesson 2Edit

  • весом = weighing
  • тонна = tonne
  • расстояние = distance

Lesson 3Edit

  • пройти = to walk
  • проехать = to drive
  • пробежать = to run
  • прожить = to live
  • проведать = to spend


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