Imperative is the forty-fifth (assuming read left to right) skill in the Russian language tree. This skill has two lessons and teaches the imperative tense, which is used for commands or instructions.

Grammar NotesEdit

The formation of the imperative tense is very simple. All you need to do is find the stem and add -й if there is a vowel ending and -и if there is a consonant ending, then add -те if it is a formal command (or in other words the person commanded is on "вы" terms). Remember to use the imperfective aspect for repetitive actions and the perfective for one-time or definitive actions (unless the action is obvious, then use the imperfective).


Lesson 1Edit

  • пиши(те) = write
  • говори(те) = talk, speak
  • медленно = slowly
  • свари(те) = cook, boil
  • возьми(те) = take

Lesson 2Edit

  • иди(те) = go
  • налево = left
  • направо = right
  • надень = put on
  • смотри(те) = look, watch
  • положи(те) = put
  • прямо = straight through


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