Future & Past Perfective is the fifty-first (assuming read left to right) skill in the Russian language tree. It teaches how to use perfective to form a future tense, as well as using the past tense of perfective verbs. It has four lessons.

Grammar NotesEdit

Future with PerfectivesEdit

When you are talking about a single, specific or simple event in the future, all you have to do is use the perfective form of the verb. If it is not,you will use the буду + imperfective infinitive form (which we will learn in a later skill).


This is an odd one. Если is always used with a perfective in the future tense (which you are learning how to make). If you are talking about a past tense conditional, then use пусть instead.


Lesson 1Edit

  • увидить = to see
  • написать = to write
  • приготовить = to cook
  • пойти = to walk
  • упадать = to fall
  • если = if

Lesson 2Edit

  • купить = to buy
  • получить = to receive
  • выпить = to drink
  • узнать = to know
  • сделать = to do
  • сказать = to say

Lesson 3Edit

  • поговорить = to speak
  • найти = to find
  • нарисовать = to draw
  • дать = to give

Lesson 4Edit

  • научиться = to learn
  • продать = to sell
  • начинать = to start
  • заказать = to order
  • пойметь = to understand
  • объяснить = to explain


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