Dative & Plural is the thirty-second (assuming read left to right) skill of the language tree for Russian. In this skill, there are seven lessons, and each lesson teaches a new case in Russian, the dative.

Grammar NotesEdit

The Dative CaseEdit

The dative case indicates the indirect object of a sentence. You have seen it already in phrases like "Ему двадцать лет." and "Мне нравится кошка.":

Masculine Feminine Neuter Plural
-у/-ю -у/-ю -ам/-ям

Dative prepositions include:

  • по
  • к


Lesson 1Edit

  • всем = to everyone
  • этому/этой = this (dative)

Lesson 2Edit

  • кому = to whom
  • хотеться = would like
  • к = towards

Lesson 3Edit

  • по = around
  • гулять = to stroll
  • им = them (dative)

Lesson 4Edit

  • пора = it is time for

Lesson 5Edit

  • верить = to believe
  • всех = to everyone

Lesson 6Edit

  • письмo = letter
  • долго = a long time

Lesson 7Edit

  • объяснять = to explain
  • обычно = usually
  • дорога = road, way
  • трудно = difficult


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