There are three Practice buttons, one for the full course, one for every skill, and one in the iOS app with the hearts system.

Global Practice icon[edit | edit source]

The global practice icon appears after you are in level 1 of the introduction.

Where to find it[edit | edit source]

Desktop web browser: A circle with a blue dumbbell icon that floats on the lower right of the tree.

Android screen with the dumbbell floating icon

Mobile web browser and Android app: A circle with a blue dumbbell icon that floats on the bottom right of the page.

iOS app: the lower menu has a heart icon that goes to the Health page. There a button labeled "Earn Practice" or "1 Heart Practice" can be found. Some courses (so far seen in Navajo for English and Esperanto for Portuguese) have a dumbbell icon instead of a heart icon.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Practice button for the full course (previously named Strengthen skills) provides a number [1] of  exercises reviewing material learned in lessons, with a focus on the material that Duolingo believes the user most needs practice in at that moment[2]. Such practices are untimed by default; however, a timed practice option is also available for purchase in the Lingot store. Untimed tests always earn the user a minimum of 3XP, and a maximum of 10XP.

How it works[edit | edit source]

Prompt to choose between timed and untimed practice

A practice session may result in strengthening the words practiced[3], and if enough words from the same skill are strengthened, also strengthening one or more related skills[4]. So "it is very possible that practicing one skill can strengthen another skill"[5]. A session doesn't necessarily need to be completed successfully in order to strengthen skills, especially if one uses a timed practice [6]. However, it may take more than one try to fully strengthen a skill (e.g. make it gold)[7]

Best practices[edit | edit source]

According to Duolingo, "learners should first focus on finishing all the lessons in a skill, and later come back to review them at just the right times"[8].

Purpose[edit | edit source]

Global Practice button helps users to:

  • Memorize;
  • Test their knowledge;
  • Review learnt material; and 
  • Maintain and improve their skills.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Global Practice shows a message and doesn't allow more practice when [9]:

Algorithm thinks your words are all fresh.

Practice button for a skill[edit | edit source]

When a skill is completed, i.e. when it is in level 5, the Practice button appears.

Where to find it[edit | edit source]

Press the skill icon and a small window appears with a white button labeled "Practice" in gold letters.

Practice to gain hearts[edit | edit source]

Hearts pull-down menu in iOS

In iOS the hearts system requires you to do an action after 5 errors. One of those actions is to take a practice similar to a global practice. After the practice one heart is gained.

Where to find it[edit | edit source]

In the top of the app there is a heart icon with a heart and a number. This heart opens a drop down menu with the practice button.

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