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The Duolingo Outfits shop.

Outfits were virtual clothes for Duolingo's mascot, Duo, to wear. If you have one equipped, you will see Duo wearing it while you complete lessons and interact with the site. They have been removed, and cannot be unequipped.
Outfits were only available in the mobile apps. They used to be available in the Shop (a lingot store equivalent for mobile) within the app. A purchased outfit used to be unequipped if desired. It is possible to have multiple outfits in storage simultaneously, but only one can be used at a time.
They have no effect on learning the language, merely being an aesthetic choice to improve your enjoyment of the site.


Outfit Name Description Price
Duo fancy Formal Attire Duo wears formal attire sporting a black suit, a red bow tie, a white dress shirt and a monocle. 400 gems
Duo tracksuit Luxury Tracksuit Duo wears a gold tracksuit with a headband. 600 gems
Duo superhero Super Duo Duo wears a superhero mask and red cape. 1000 gems
Duo dragon Dragon suit Dragon suit for Duo. No longer available for purchase. Exclusive to Chinese New Year season.