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Actions is the 4th skill in the Norwegian language course. It has 4 lessons.

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This skill teaches Norwegian Skill:Actions.

Grammar Notes[]

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Lesson 1[]

  • mannen = the man
  • kvinnen = the woman
  • en bok = a book

Lesson 2[]

  • gutten = the boy.
  • et brev = a letter.
  • leser = reads. Can also mean reading.
  • noe = Something. Can also mean any or a thing.

Lesson 3[]

  • Ris = Rice.
  • Ser = Sees.
  • Liker = Likes. Can also mean like or enjoys.
  • Den = That.
  • Barnet = The child. Can also mean the kid.

Lesson 4[]

  • Melk = Milk.
  • Jenta = The girl.
  • Kjøper = Buys.