Norwegian for English is a Duolingo language course teaching Norwegian to speakers of English.

The course teaches a standardized, moderate form of Bokmål, but other valid vocabulary and grammar variations will be accepted. Nynorsk is not included in the course except as a bonus skill. The course's language tree is similar to that of Swedish for English, but does have some differences.[1]

Regarding the feminine gender, the course does "teach the feminine gender when its use is most common ('jenta' and not 'jenten') but both variants of feminine nouns will be accepted in student answers."[2]

Authors' notesEdit


It has now been a week and we feel that we should give you a small update on what we have done so far. We have had a flying start and we have managed to complete about ten per cent of the tree so far. We expect to keep the pace, but do not trust the computed completion date ...


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