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  • Hi Artilex -- one thing I've noticed is that you are putting categories on pages that don't really fit with the category. For example, Dutch (Netherlands) for English is a page describing a course on Duolingo. English and Dutch (Netherlands) are pages that describe languages. These are two different things, and so we have different categories for them. Dutch (Netherlands) for English gets a "Courses" category on it (in this case, Category:Phase 3) and English gets the Languages category. That way, if a user wants to see all the Course pages we have, they go to the Course categories. If a user wants to see all the language pages we have, they go to the Language categories. That's why I've remoevd the Languages category from some of Course pages that you've added it to. I hope this makes sense!

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  • Hi, 

    I've noticed you adding a lot of content to the skill pages. However, although sets of words cannot be copyrighted, Tips and notes most certainly are. So whenever these are added please make sure you reference the source properly or else we may end up having to remove them all.

    This problem is in a lot of skill pages for many languages.

    See Help:Reference for help with that.

    Thanks in advance.

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    • As long as you're the user who created them, or the tips have been released under CC-BY-SA or in the public domain and you add a notice attributing them accordingly, then they're fine. See community:Help:Copyright for more info.

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    • Artilex wrote:
      True, I guess I should delete them. What about user-created tips?

      You can reference/add short user tips, provided you attribute and reference them properly.

      As far as tips and notes are concerned we already have a nice repository where we can fetch this data, e.g. [[1]], [[2]]. The benefit is that all those pages are already CC-By-Sa, and are more in-depth in some cases. 

      The down-side is that these pages may not be as detailed (or exist at all) in some more obscure languages.

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  • Thank you for your contributions to the Heart page!



    Welcome to the wiki ! There's a lot to do around here, so I hope you'll stay with us and make many more improvements.

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