"We couldn’t wait to share this duo, so today we’re meeting one more pair of our characters! 💚 Say hello to Lucy and Lin! 👋[...]Lucy isn’t like other grandmas – she’s a ~cool~ grandma. Milk and cookies? Nah.

"Lucy would much rather talk about the time she hitchhiked across the country. 🛣️👍"Whether it’s going out on the town or supporting each other, Lucy and Lin are the best grandma-granddaughter duo!"

- Lucy's official character bio[1]

Lucy (left) and her granddaughter, Lin, as they appear in their official character bio.[1]

Stories[edit | edit source]

Most of these stories are from Duolingo German. If there's one in any language we've missed, add it here!

  • Vacation Clothes
  • The Reservation
  • Lucy And The Dinosaurs
  • The Cake
  • Can I Take Your Picture
  • A Love Story
  • A Very Fancy Wedding
  • Fifty Years Later
  • The New App
  • Waiting for Jorge
  • The Password
  • The Accident
  • The Movie Is about to Begin
  • The Art Show
  • It's Forbidden to Feed the Seals
  • The Yoga Class
  • Too Many Things
  • I'm Fine!
  • Get Out of Here!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Lucy's new year's resolution for 2021 was to write her memoires.[2]
  • Lucy seems to struggle with technology.
    • She is seen using a typewriter in 2021, by which point computerized word processors would have been affordable and widely available.[2]
    • She did not know how to turn her camera and microphone on and off during a Zoom call.[3]
  • By virtue of Lin's existence, Lucy must have at least one child. However, nothing official is known about them.
  • It is heavily suggested Lucy has AAPI heritage, since (along with her grandchild Lin and with Vikram) she was included in an Instagram post from Duolingo about Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month.[4]
  • Lucy's favorite holiday is Halloween.[5]
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