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Lingots (pronounced [ling-guhts]) are virtual currency on Duolingo used in the shop.[1] They are used to reward people for various accomplishments related to language learning and translation. In iOS and some Android devices, a similar currency is used, and they are called gems.


Lingots can be used to buy:

  1. Bonus Skills
  2. Power-Ups⬆️
  3. Streak holders
  4. Take a test to skip to the next level (5 lingots) (7 in Duolingo X)
  5. Legendary test (10 lingots) (12 in Duolingo X)
  6. Three days of Duolingo Plus (25 lingots)
  7. Six days of Duolingo Plus with free support for 3 days (60 lingots)

If you are on iOS or Android, you can also buy outfits for Duo:

  • 400 gems for the Formal Attire
  • 600 gems for the Champagne Tracksuit
  • 1000 gems for the Super Duo
  • 2000 gems for the Robo-Duo (Unlocks support)

They can also be used to reward people.

On iOS and Android this might be what it is with gems:

250 gems for a Heart Refill

300 gems for a legendary test (With Plus, then 0)

500 for a Streak Repair

and 200 for a Streak Freeze

Earning Lingots or Gems[]

Lingots or gems can be earned in several ways:[2]

  • Completing a skill for the first time (two lingots/50 gems per skill)
  • Reaching your daily goal.
  • Completing a lesson without losing any hearts.
  • Reaching the next XP level (number of lingots corresponding to the level achieved)
  • Inviting friends: if your friend accepts, you both receive 1 lingot.
  • Maintaining a streak: every ten days of a streak, earn an increasing number of lingots
  • Being in the three first places of a league (e.g. 400 gems or 20 lingots for first place)
  • 3 lingots/25 gems are earned for every achievement you gain.
  • Signing up for Duolingo Plus gives you 1000 gems on mobile, or 10 lingots on X.
  • Making friends: if your friend request is accepted, you both become friends, as well as receiving 1 lingot.
  • Best friends: becoming best friends with a friend will award you both 1 lingot.

In the past, one lingot was earned by completing a lesson without losing any hearts. 10 lingots are earned by completing a lesson without losing any hearts as of now.