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Lingots (pronounced [ling-guhts]) are virtual currency on Duolingo used in the shop.[1] They are used to reward people for various accomplishments related to language learning and translation. In iOS and some Android devices, a similar currency is used, and they are called gems.


Lingots can be used to buy:

  1. Bonus Skills
  2. Power-Ups
  3. Streak holders
  4. Take a test to skip to the next level (5 lingots)

If you are on iOS or Android, you can also buy outfits for Duo:

  • 400 gems for the Formal Attire
  • 600 gems for the Champagne Tracksuit
  • 1000 gems for the Super Duo

They can also be used to reward people.

Earning Lingots or Gems[]

Lingots or gems can be earned in several ways:[2]

  • Completing a skill for the first time (two lingots/50 gems per skill)
  • Reaching your daily goal.
  • Reaching the next XP level (number of lingots corresponding to the level achieved)
  • Inviting friends: if your friend accepts, you both receive one lingot
  • Maintaining a streak: every ten days of a streak, earn an increasing number of lingots
  • Receiving a lingot from another user in a Duolingo discussion forum post
  • Being in the three first places of a league (e.g. 400 gems or 20 lingots for first place)
  • 25 gems are earned for every achievement you gain

In the past, one lingot was earned by completing a lesson without losing any hearts, but this was phased out by early 2013 although it may still be the case in some platforms[3].