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Lily as she appears in her character bio on Twitter.[1]

"On an emotional scale of 1-10, Lily is at a -4. Lily’s perpetually unamused facial expression has one clear message: stay away.
If you check her Spotify, she *might* have Girl in Red on her playlist. Who needs therapy when you can just dye your hair? 🥀
―Lily's official character bio on the Duolingo Instagram[1]

Lily is one of the Duolingo characters who appears in the app. She is a lethargic loner, but is still friendly. She is best friends with Zari, despite their contrasting personalities.


Stories may be different depending on your language. These stories are from Duolingo German.

  • The New Student
  • Lily's Clothes
  • Vacation Clothes
  • I Say Thank You
  • The Diary
  • What's Your Name?
  • The Art Homework
  • Burial At Sea
  • My Favorite Band
  • Two Tickets
  • Going To Rome
  • A Pink Dress
  • The Old Lady
  • The best Grade
  • Let's Move The Bed
  • Space Vikings
  • Where Is The Dog?
  • The Drummer
  • This Isn't A Date?
  • Clara's Party
  • I'm The Manager
  • The Refund
  • The Lost Costume
  • Cousins
  • Remove This Statue
  • Pirate World
  • My card is suspended?
  • A Walk in Nature


  • Lily refused to make a new year's resolution for 2021. She was the only one of the Duolingo characters who did not make a resolution.[2]
  • Lily is a student, and is friends with Zari, who goes to the same school. Oscar is her art teacher.[3]
  • Lily is a fan of The Owl House, an animated Disney TV show.[4]
  • Lily appears to write off Valentine's Day as "just another consumer holiday," though this might be a facade to conceal the fact that she actually enjoys it. [5]
  • Lily's favorite color is purple, and prefers to wear purple clothing.
    • Her name is probably based on the German word for purple, "Lila."