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A League (more precisely called weekly leaderboard or simply Leaderboards)[1] is a ranked XP competition initially available for Android and iOS users,[1] but was added for desktop users in May of 2019.

Leaderboards Participation

In order to participate in a league competition:

  • At least 10 lessons must already be completed (in any number of trees) before being eligible. Any test or story that gives 1 XP or more counts as one lesson.
  • The player must complete one lesson to join the leaderboard.
  • Players must have PC or phone versions.
  • Players should be at least 13.


The contest of Leaderboards runs as follows:

  • One league consists of one of the 10 possible gem ranks, ranked from lowest to highest: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Pearl, Obsidian, and Diamond.
  • Competitions refresh on Mondays every week at midnight GMT.
  • Each user is assigned to a league that consists of 30 random participants of a common rank who earned their first XP of the week at a similar time. There is always one open league per rank, that doesn't have 30 participants yet, where people can join. When a user that is not yet in a league earns XP, it is joined in the open league for its rank. Once a league has 30 participants, it is closed and a new empty league is the new open league.
  • Any valid method of XP-earning counts toward the overall amount of XP earned for the ongoing competition.
  • Users at the top of the leaderboard by the end of each week advances to the next league. Currently it is as follows:
    • Bronze: Top 20
    • Silver: Top 15
    • Gold: Top 10
    • Sapphire: Top 7
    • Ruby: Top 7
    • Emerald: Top 7
    • Amethyst: Top 7
    • Pearl: Top 7
    • Obsidian: Top 5
    • Diamond: Top 10
    • Diamond Tournament 1: Top 10
    • Diamond Tournament 2: Top 10
    • Diamond Tournament Finals: Cannot advance, Top 10 win
  • Additionally, those in the lowest ranks (24th to 30th) at the end of the week will be demoted one rank below.
  • In the diamond league, 26th to 30th get demoted.
  • Also, players who earn either 1st, 2nd or 3rd position in their groups will also earn gems, denoted in the league area by a gold, silver, or bronze chest by their name, by an amount which increases as they progress through the leagues, as shown in the following table.
  • The Diamond Tournament is consisted of 15 people. 1-10 advance, 11-15 get relegated to the Diamond League. Diamond league tournament is now on web versions as of July 2023.


Badge Bronze Blank
1st Lingot 16px 20
2nd Lingot 16px 10
3rd Lingot 16px 5
Badge Silver Blank
1st Lingot 16px 25
2nd Lingot 16px 15
3rd Lingot 16px 10
Badge Gold Blank
1st Lingot 16px 30
2nd Lingot 16px 20
3rd Lingot 16px 15
Badge Sapphire Blank
1st Lingot 16px 35
2nd Lingot 16px 25
3rd Lingot 16px 20
Badge Ruby Blank
1st Lingot 16px 40
2nd Lingot 16px 30
3rd Lingot 16px 25
Badge Emerald Blank
1st Lingot 16px 45
2nd Lingot 16px 35
3rd Lingot 16px 30
Badge Amethyst Blank
1st Lingot 16px 50
2nd Lingot 16px 40
3rd Lingot 16px 35
Badge Pearl Blank
1st Lingot 16px 55
2nd Lingot 16px 45
3rd Lingot 16px 40
Badge Obsidian Blank
1st Lingot 16px 60
2nd Lingot 16px 50
3rd Lingot 16px 45
Badge Diamond Blank
1st Lingot 16px 75
2nd Lingot 16px 60
3rd Lingot 16px 50
  • The information above is outdated. Gems are rewarded in place of the old lingots, and the conversion ratio is unknown.Lingot 16px ?

For example, being at the 1st place at the Bronze league will reward a user 20 gems.

  • Otherwise, players will remain in the same rank.
  • Players in a League together can use Reactions to show their current mood or the language they are currently learning. These can be changed at any time.
  • The top 10 in the Diamond League will be further promoted into the Diamond Tournament. It is a 3-week competition (separated in 3 segments) and the top 15 of each round gets promoted.
    • The top 3 at finals a good amount of gems[Confirm]
    • Top 15 unlock a fancy-looking banner in their league bar in their profile. They will all be automatically demoted to Diamond League and start over.

Group Goal

As of July 2022, for certain users, for each competition, each group of common league ranks is given a group goal to work together in reaching certain group ratings (rankings) of XP.[2][3]

league goal (XP) reward (gems) [estimation]
Bronze 1000 100
Silver 10000 200
Gold 13000 300
Sapphire 15000 400
Ruby 17500 600
Emerald 19000 800
Amethyst 21000 900
Pearl 25000 1,200
Obsidian 30000 1,700
Diamond 100000 2,000

Breaking Ties

When two or more participants accumulate the same amount of XP in the same competition, their rankings are ordered by completion time from earliest to latest.



Leaderboards on the web

There are three concepts that can be called league or leaderboard.

  • The official name of the contest is Leaderboards (or simply leagues)[4]
  • Each of the updated ranks in which the game is divided is called a league.
  • Each group of 30 people who compete together is called a league or a leaderboard.

Additional Notes

  • Bots have been spotted and reported in Leagues in the past so be wary and report any suspicious behavior to the Duolingo Team directly through Getting help. Do not report cheating or breaches of the rules to the Duolingo Wiki or its admins.


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