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Questions is the 18th skill (assuming read left to right) the Korean language course. It has 2 lessons.

Grammar Notes[]

Summarize, but do not quote, any grammar notes provided with this skill. Notes from Duolingo are copyrighted, and cannot be added here verbatim without permission. Make sure to reference any tips and notes from Duolingo or anywhere else.


Lesson 1[]

  • 왜 = why
  • 언제 = when
  • 어디에서 = where from
  • 무슨 = which
  • 어떻게 = how
  • 어디 = where
  • 누구 = who

Lesson 2[]

  • 무엇 = what
  • 어떤 = what kind of
  • 어느 = which one
  • 누가 = who