Basics is the 2nd skill in the Klingon language tree. It has 3 lessons. It teaches how to form plurals and how verbs work in Klingon.

Tips and Notes Edit

In this skill you will learn how to form some new verbs like "I walk" and "I run". The way verbs conjugate in Klingon, is the prefix changes, so "yIt" becomes "bIyIt" - you (sg.) walk.


Lesson 1 Edit

  • puq = child
  • puqpu' - children
  • loD = man
  • loDpu' = men
  • be'pu' = women
  • yIt = to walk
  • Qong = to sleep

Lesson 2 Edit

  • bIyIt = you (sg.) walked/walk, you (sg.) will walk
  • bIqet = you (sg.) ran/run, you (sg.) will run
  • bISup = you (sg.) jumped/jump, you (sg.) will jump
  • jIyIt = I walked/walk, I will walk
  • jIqet = I ran/run, I will run
  • jISup = I jumped/I jump, I will jump
  • 'ej = and (for joining two sentences together)

Lesson 3 Edit

  • maqet = we ran/run, we will run
  • Suqet = you (pl.) run/ran, you (pl.) will run
  • maSup = we jumped/we jump, we will jump
  • SuSup = you (pl.) jumped/jump/ you (pl.) will jump


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