Time 1 is the 9th skill (assuming read left to right) in the Japanese language course. It has 2 lessons which teach you some numbers in Kanji as well as how to say what the time is.

Grammar NotesEdit

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Lesson 1 Edit

  • セ = se
  • ゼ = ze
  • ロ = ro
  • ゼロ = zero
  • 一 (ichi) = one (いち)
  • 二 (ni) = two (に)

Lesson 2 Edit

  • 三 (san) = three (さん)
  • 時 (ji) = o'clock/hour (じ)
  • 何時 (nan ji) = what time (なんじ)
  • 今 (ima) = now
  • 今は (ima wa) = right now (いまは)
  • 分 (bun) = minute/minutes (ぶん)
  • ではありません (de wa arimasen) = not


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