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Konbini (Convenience Store) is the 37th skill (assuming reading left to right) in the Japanese language course. It has 3 lessons.

Grammar Notes[]

Summarize, but do not quote, any grammar notes provided with this skill. Notes from Duolingo are copyrighted, and cannot be added here verbatim without permission. Make sure to reference any tips and notes from Duolingo or anywhere else.


Lesson 1[]

  • 袋 (fukuro) = (1) bag/bags; sack; pouch (ふくろ)
  • お菓子 (o-ka-shi) = snacks (おかし)
  • 少々 (shou-shou) = a bit/a little/a moment (しょうしょう)
  • 座る (suwa-ru) = to sit; to squat; to assume (a position) (すわる)
  • お座り (o-su-wa-ri) = have/take a seat (おすわり)
  • お座りください (o-su-wa-ri-ku-da-sai) = please have/take a seat (おすわりください)
  • 入る (hai-ru) = to enter; to go into (はいる)
  • お入り (o-hai-ri) = come in/enter (おはいり)
  • お入りください (o-hai-ri-ku-da-sai) = please come in (おはいりください)
  • 待つ (ma-tsu) = to wait; to await; to look forward to (まつ)
  • お待ち (o-ma-chi) = wait (おまち)
  • お待ちください (o-ma-chi-ku-da-sai) = please wait (おまちください)
  • 要る (i-ru) = to be needed; to be wanted (いる)

Lesson 2[]

  • 温める (atata-me-ru) = to heat; to warm (v1, vt) (P) (あたためる)
  • 温めて (atata-me-te) = heat it up (あたためて)
  • 温めてください (atata-me-te-ku-da-sai) = please heat it up (あたためてください)
  • 温めました (atata-me-ma-shi-ta) = I heated up (あたためました)
  • 揚げ (a-ge) = fried (あげ)
  • 唐揚げ (kara-a-ge) = fried chicken (からあげ)
  • おにぎり (o-ni-gi-ri) = a rice ball/rice balls
  • フライドポテト (fu-ra-i-do-po-te-to) = french fries/chips

Lesson 3[]

  • レシート (re-shii-to) = receipt
  • 内 (u-chi) = inside (うち)
  • 店内で (ten-nai-de) = in the store (てんないで)
  • もよろしいですか?(mo-yo-ru-shi-i-de-su-ka) = may I?
  • よろしい (yo-ro-shi-i) = you may
  • よろしいですか?(yo-ro-shi-i-de-su-ka) = would you like?
  • お願いします (o-ne-ga-i-shi-ma-su) = I would like (おねがいします)
  • 大丈夫です (dai-jō-bu-de-su) = it's okay I do not need it (だいじょうぶです)
  • 持ち帰る (mo-chi-kae-ru) = to bring back home; to take out (e.g. food); (...) (v5r, vt) (P) (もちかえる)
  • 持ち帰ります (mo-chi-kae-ri-ma-su) = I will take it home (もちかえります)
  • 持ち帰りました (mo-chi-kae-ri-ma-shi-ta) = I took it home/brought it back/got 'x' to go (もちかえりました)
  • お持ち帰りですか?(o-mo-chi-kae-ri-de-su-ka) = will you take it home? (おもちかえりですか)
  • 召す (me-su) = (2) (polite verb used exclusively to ask other people) to eat; to drink (v5s, vt) (めす)
  • 召し上がる (me-shi-a-ga-ru) = to eat; to drink (polite) (めしあがる)
  • お召し上がり (o-me-shi-a-ga-ri) = eat (polite, formal) (おめしあがり)
  • どうぞお召し上がりください (dō-zo o-me-shi-a-ga-ri-ku-da-sai) = please enjoy your meal (どうぞおめしあがりください)
  • どうぞ召し上がって (dou-zo me-shi-a-ga-tte) = help yourself (どうぞめしあがって)
  • 召し上がりますか?(me-shi-a-ga-ri-ma-su-ka) = will you be eating? (めしあがりますか)