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Fantasy 1 is the 95th skill (assuming read left to right) in the Japanese language course. It has 5 lessons.

Grammar Notes[]

Summarize, but do not quote, any grammar notes provided with this skill. Notes from Duolingo are copyrighted, and cannot be added here verbatim without permission. Make sure to reference any tips and notes from Duolingo or anywhere else.

王女 vs. 姫[]

  • 姫 (hi-me) is a more general term for a princess as a concept. 王女(ou-jo) refers more specifically in terms of their place in a royal family. For example, "save the princess" (姫を助けて) would likely use this version. Whereas "the king's daughter is the princess" would be (王様の娘は王女).[1]

は to Mean "to Have"[]

  • Unless you physically possess something, don't use (( )っています) to mean "you have".
    In Japanese you'll say, "As for me, fever" when you have a fever. (( わたし)( )っぽい).
  • You can also say, "As for me, it was fever" (...( )っぽいだった。) [See ( )( )ちだった, Lesson: Feelings 2[2]]


Lesson 1[]

  • 王 (ō) = king [Note: 遊☆戯☆王( YU-GI-OH!) means Game King (The King of Games!)]
  • 王様 (ō-sa-ma) = the king
  • 国王 (ko-ku-ō) = the king
  • 女王 (jō-ō / jō ?) = queen ("female king")
  • 王女 (ō-jo) = princess ("king-ish lady / royal lady")
  • 王子 (ō-ji) = prince ("king-ish boy / royal boy")
  • 不思議な (fu-shi-gi-na) = weird / strange / mysterious

Lesson 2[]

  • 杖 (tsu-e) = wand
  • 勇気 (yũ-ki) = bravery
  • 魔法使い (ma-hō-tsu-kai) = wizard / sorcerer ("user of the devil law / of the devil method")
  • 魔女 (ma-jo) = witch ("devil lady")
  • 要る (i-ru) = to need
  • 杖は要らない。(tsu-e-wa-i-ra-nai) = I don't need a wand.
  • 君は剣と盾が要る。(ki-mi-wa-ken-to-ta-te-ga-i-ru) = You need a sword and a shield. [Instead of ...が( )る, it is more common to use ( ひつ)( よう)がある. See martin.mk[3]'s comment.]
  • 魔女は杖が要るの? (ma-jo-wa-tsu-e-ga-i-ru-no) = Do witches need wands?
  • 君は勇気がある。(ki-mi-wa-yũ-ki-ga-a-ru) = You are brave. ("You have bravery.")
  • 兵士たちは戦う勇気をなくした。(hei-shi-ta-chi-wa-ta-ta-ka-u-yũ-ki-wo-na-ku-shi-ta) = The soldiers lost the courage to fight. ("Soldiers lost fight bravery.")

Lesson 3[]

  • 城 (shi-ro) = castle
  • 動く城 (u-go-ku-shi-ro) = a moving castle
  • 勇者 (yũ-sha) = hero
  • 時の勇者は戦いに勝った。(to-ki-no-yũ-sha-wa-ta-ta-kai-ni-ka-tta) = The Hero of Time won the battle. ("...won at the battle / fight.")
  • 魔法 (ma-hō) = magic
  • 魔法が使えたらいいのに。(ma-hō-ga-tsu-ka-e-ta-ra-ī-no-ni) = I wish I could use magic.
  • 人生がときめく片づけの魔法 (jin-sei-ga-to-ki-me-ku-ka-ta-zu-ke-no-ma-hō) = The Life-Invigorating Magic of Tidying Up
  • 姫 (hi-me) = princess
  • お姫様 (o-hi-me-sa-ma) = princess (polite)
  • ゼルダ姫は平和を祈った。(ze-ru-da-hi-me-wa-hei-wa-wo-i-no-tta) = Princess Zelda prayed for peace.
  • 娘はいつもお姫様気分だ。(mu-su-me-wa-i-tsu-mo-o-hi-me-sa-ma-ki-bun-da) = My daughter always has the attitude of a princess. ("As for my daughter, the attitude of a princess." / "My daughter, regarding her, the attitude of a princess.")
  • 姫はオオカミに育てられた。(hi-me-wa-ō-ka-mi-ni-so-da-te-ra-re-ta) = The princess was raised by wolves.
  • 妖精 (yō-sei) = fairy
  • 瓶には妖精が入っている。(bin-ni-wa-you-sei-ga-hai-tte-i-ru) = There's a fairy inside the bottle.
  • 大妖精 (dai-you-sei) = the Great Fairy
  • 勇者は大妖精に剣と盾をもらった。(yũ-sha-wa-tai-yō-sei-ni-ken-to-ta-te-wo-mo-ra-tta) = The hero received a sword and a shield from the Great Fairy. ("...received at the Great Fairy.")

Lesson 4[]

  • 幽霊 (yũ-rei) = ghost
  • 幽霊がいる (yũ-rei-ga-i-ru) = it is haunted
  • あの家には幽霊が出るそうだ。(a-no-i-e-ni-wa-yũ-rei-ga-de-ru-sō-da) = People say that that house is haunted.
  • お化けジャガイモ (o-ba-ke-ja-gai-mo) = monstrous (a.k.a. big) potato
  • お化け (o-ba-ke) = shapeshifters (also monsters, spirits, etc.. . Duolingo also accepts Ghosts and Apparitions.)
  • 妖怪 (yō-kai) = monster (also, "Yōkai", which is a technical term in Japanese demonic mythology. Duolingo accepts supernatural being.)
  • お化けは妖怪です。(o-ba-ke-wa-yō-kai-de-su) = Shapeshifters are Yookai.
  • お化けは妖怪の一種だ。(o-ba-ke-wa-yō-kai-no-i-sshu-da) = Shapeshifters are a kind of Yookai.
  • 不気味 (bu-ki-mi) = ominous / spooky / eerie

Lesson 5[]

  • 鬼 (o-ni) = demon / ogre
  • 鬼は外!(o-ni-wa-so-to) = Demons, go out!
  • 竜 (ryũ) = dragon
  • 河童 (ka-ppa) = water demon / river goblin