Japanese is a Japonic language spoken mainly in Japan by roughly 125 million total speakers.


As of January 2016, Duolingo staff noted that for Japanese:

"The biggest challenge for us is teaching the writing system. Duolingo currently does not have a good way of teaching new character sets, but we’ll be working on that soon", Luis von Ahn (2016) [1].
As of the summer 2017, Japanese is available to English speakers on Android and Apple devices, which first teach a few characters then teach simple words employing them. The first words taught are the counting words for one to four i.e. ichi, ni, san, yon.

The course was released on the website version on October 11th, 2017.[2]

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Language learning platforms

  • (For learning and practicing grammar & vocabulary, kanji & kana, and for (video) chat with peers)
  • (To learn and practice grammar and vocabulary, practice writing and have it graded by native speakers, and to live chat with Japanese speakers)
  • (Live chat with native speakers of nearly any language)
  • Nihongo Master (Learn Japanese online with lessons, tools and a big community)


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