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Japanese is a Japonic language spoken mainly in Japan by roughly 125 million total speakers.

This course was created by the Duolingo staff and released on the website version on October 11th, 2017.[1]

Notes[edit | edit source]

As of January 2016, Duolingo staff noted that for Japanese:

"The biggest challenge for us is teaching the writing system. Duolingo currently does not have a good way of teaching new character sets, but we’ll be working on that soon", Luis von Ahn (2016) [2].

As of the summer 2017, Japanese is available to English speakers on Android and Apple devices, which first teach a few characters then teach simple words employing them. The first words taught are the counting words for one to four i.e. ichi, ni, san, yon.

Input methods[edit | edit source]


Main article: Guide to keyboard layouts and input methods

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Language learning platforms[edit | edit source]

  • Elon.io (For learning and practicing grammar & vocabulary, kanji & kana, and for (video) chat with peers)
  • https://busuu.com (To learn and practice grammar and vocabulary, practice writing and have it graded by native speakers, and to live chat with Japanese speakers)
  • Lingoci Japanese tutoring via Skype (1-on-1 tutoring with experienced, native Japanese tutors. Cost is $20-$25 per hour. They offer a free trial session. Great for improving your speaking and pronunciation.)
  • http://en-us.wespeke.com/index.html (Live chat with native speakers of nearly any language)
  • Nihongo Master (Learn Japanese online with lessons, tools and a big community)

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