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Italian is a Romance language[1] with over 70 million speakers.[2]

The Italian course for English speakers contains 66 skills, and 405 total lessons.

Grammar tips[]

See Grammar

Keyboard layouts and input methods[]

Main article: Guide to keyboard layouts and input methods

External resources[]

General/multiple resources[]

  • About.com | Italian - Italian Language Grammar, Pronunciation, and Verbs.
  • Adesso Online - An Italian reference and lessons in German.
  • iLUSS - A site dedicated to learning Italian online with free tests to verify your level of fluency in the Italian language.
  • Italian Language Stack Exchange - question and answer site for students, teachers, and linguists wanting to discuss the finer points of the Italian language.
  • Noi parliamo italiano - A website in Italian that teaches the Italian language. A1 - C2
  • Online Italian Club - Free weekly Italian lessons & exercises.
  • ProgettoTrio.it - Completely free, Official online learning system of the Regione Toscana. Contains over 1,200 courses, audio podcasts, ect. You have register with the site, but all the material is free.
  • Treccani - Italian-Italian encyclopedia, dictionary, and grammar reference.
  • Word Reference Forums - Italian / English language forums


Dictionaries - Italian\Italian[]


Grammar references[]


Content in Italian[]


  • News in Slow Italian - Read by a native speaker. With slow audio, transcript, translation, and comprehension test.
  • Italian for my girlfriend - Italian flashcard Tumblr Blog
  • The Italian Experiment - Italian childeren stories read by a native Italian speaker and translated into English. Italian lessons available too.
  • Itascan - A site to read mangas in Italian for free online.
  • La Gazzetta dello Sport - Italian Sport Website
  • Le Iene - Italian Media website
  • Liber Liber - Free ebooks and audiobooks in the public domain.
  • Novelle Leggere  A site to read web novels and light novels in Italian for free online.
  • Studentessa matta - The blog of a Duolingo member. The blog is translated to English one paragraph at a time, so it's quite easy to read for an English speaker learning Italian. She also organizes a few immersion trips to Italy per year.
  • Sublearning - Movie subtitle flash card quiz in Italian and many other languages
  • Wired | Italiano - Wired magazine in Italian.



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