Questions is the twentieth skill (assuming read left to right) in the language tree for Hebrew. It has four lessons and teaches several question words and related vocabulary.

Grammar NotesEdit


This word was introduced in Letters 1, but this is a good time to review it.

האם does not have a meaning; its job is to indicate that the following statement is actually a question. It is completely normal to leave it out, although it might come across as a tiny bit informal.

You cannot have האם along with any other questions; these words replace it with more specific questions.


There are three forms for this word:

  • איזה = singular masculine
  • איזו = singular feminine
  • אילו = plural

However, native Hebrew speakers may only use the singular forms or only the singular masculine in informal conversations. Duolingo will in general accept only the proper gender and number for "which".


Lesson 1Edit

  • מה = what
  • איפה = where
  • למה = why
  • כמה = how many/much
  • מי = who
  • מאיפה = from where

Lesson 2Edit

  • מתי = when
  • תשובה = answer
  • איך = how
  • שאלה = question
  • של מי = whose
  • איזה = which
  • באיזה = in which

Lesson 3Edit

  • איזו = which
  • את מי = whom
  • עם מי = with whom
  • לאן = to where
  • למי = to whom
  • ממי = from whom

Lesson 4Edit

  • בשביל מה = for what
  • אילו = which
  • לשאול = to ask
  • לענוה = to answer


Duolingo Lesson:

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